Gli indovini

Gli indovini

At the end of the Republic of Venice, yesterday more than today, it was very common to meet many of the so-called “Casotti” on the street. Fortune-tellers, healers and even dentists.

In this image you can see the “Casotto degli divini”. The man who on the right of the picture is whispering the future to an amazed gullible with a reed in his ear, is a sort of physiognomist, that is, a scholar of the somatic traits used as a key to the future, as illustrated by the book at the foot of he. The other, the woman, is a gypsy who reads the hand of a noblewoman dressed in the typical “Bauta”.


Project Details

  • Height 47 cm. Width 44 cm.

  • Engraved golden leaf and enamels on glass