La Dama Con L’Ermellino

La Dama Con L’Ermellino

“The Lady with an Ermine” is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci that depicts a young woman, probably a noblewoman, holding a small ermine, a symbol of purity and virtue. The painting is a portrait of great beauty and is considered one of da Vinci’s masterpieces. It is oil on panel and measures 65 cm × 53 cm. The woman is depicted with a serene expression and delicate features, and her gaze is directed towards the viewer. The ermine, held gently in her hands, adds a symbolic dimension to the portrait. The painting is considered a prime example of Renaissance portraiture, and the intricate details and delicate brushwork demonstrate da Vinci’s exceptional artistic skills. It is housed in the Czartoryski Museum in Kraków, Poland.


Project Details

  • width 42 cm

  • height 51 cm