Madonna dei Gigli

Madonna dei Gigli

In the original painting from 1899, of William-Adolphe Bouguereau, conveys multiple concepts.
The Virgin Mary averts her gaze from the viewer, exuding modesty and a sense of self-effacement, dressed in black.
She presents the Baby Jesus to the world, displaying him and offering him as a gift to humanity.
In Jesus, one can recognize a blessing posture, while the openness of his arms (and the position of his feet) foreshadows the sacrifice of the Crucifixion.
The white lilies, which have symbolized motherhood since classical Greece, take on added significance in the Christian era as a symbol of purity, of the Virgin Mary, and of the Annunciation.

With the co-operation of his son Riccardo.

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Project Details

  • width 46 cm

  • height 56 cm