Polittico San Lorenzo

Polittico San Lorenzo

A polyptych typically of the Venetian school, with the saints recognizable by the elements they show, called “attributes”. From the left, John the Baptist, showing the cartouche “Ecce Agnus Dei”, that is the phrase he said to those who were asking him if he was the Messiah himself, pointing to Jesus. Then, San Lorenzo who as an attribute shows the grill of his martyrdom. The Madonna enthroned with the child, then San Silvestro I, pope who has the papal tiara on his head with three superimposed rings, symbolizing that the pope is the Father of princes and kings, Rector of the world and Vicar of Christ on Earth. The last saint is San Francesco, who received the stigmata from the Christ who appeared to him on La Verna mount.



Project Details

  • Height 60 cm. Width 60 cm.

  • Engraved golden leaf on glass