Hagia Sofietica

Christ sees his face within a triangle, symbolizing his being Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Andrej Rublëv’s image of the Holy Trinity finds its wise evolution here. What surrounds the face, like the mechanism of a strictly Soviet watch, are geometric figures that, like Leonardo’s Vitruvian man, take on form and logic. There is also a large star, a symbol of the strength of an army that won against the Nazis, and of work. Around, another iconographic evolution: the saint who becomes a propaganda poster: the plane that becomes the angel of San Nicola, the chimneys that flank San Giovanni, the car that becomes Elijah’s chariot, the Sputnik that becomes a new universe.


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Project Details

  • Height 72 cm. Width 62 cm.

  • Engraved golden leaf and enamels on glass