San Giorgio e il drago

San Giorgio e il drago

St. George is the victory of good against evil. An absolute, cosmic Good. The cloud behind the Saint takes the form of his armor, because it is God who pushes George to kill evil. Paolo Uccello is the Renaissance master who made perspective his utopian obsession. Some elements also present in this work make us glimpse: the shape of the lawn, a sort of regular flowerbed, whose vanishing point makes us glimpse the hidden three-dimensionality, the shapes of the rings on the dragon’s wings, which increase the volume of the same. The almost metaphysical “coldness” of the work is accentuated by the choice of a very simple frame and by a very ironic and aloof detail: the woman to be saved does not appear afraid and, mysteriously, keeps the dragon tied on a leash …

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Project Details

  • Height 46 cm. Width 49 cm.

  • Engraved golden leaf on glass