Verità tra Sogno e Realtà

Verità tra Sogno e Realtà

This painting on a Murano glass sheet paying tribute to Klimt “nuda veritas” is a fascinating and unique work of art. The 24k gold leaf adds a note of luxury and refinement to the piece, creating a magical and mysterious atmosphere.

The depicted scene features a nude female figure symbolizing personified truth, with two other female figures representing music (the dream) and philosophy (reality), creating a sort of spiritual and intellectual triad.

The woman representing music has a dreamy expression and seems to float in the air, as if in her own world, immersed in the beauty of melody and sound. The woman representing philosophy, on the other hand, has a more serious and concentrated air, symbolizing the search for truth through reason and logic.

The choice of Murano glass as a support for the work adds a note of delicacy and transparency, creating an effect of depth and movement within the piece. Overall, your painting is a combination of beauty, symbolism, and artistic mastery that will surely captivate anyone who admires it.

Project Details

  • width 63 cm

  • height 50 cm